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Anonymous asked: do you think youll get accepted into bu? what test scores, grades did you get? also did you do any extracurriculars that would make you stand out?

I wasn’t accepted into BU. :/ It was sad and all but it was mainly my fault. I had already accepted Penn State’s 2+2 program and admission so I just didn’t send my final first semester grades in to BU. I’ll always love Boston and the school. It’s a magnificent place and I’m proud of anyone who gets accepted there. Everyone deserve a chance to experience a great school.

*Chuckles* All I know is, is that my grades and test scores were despicable. I’m holding an 89.9 average so far but was in honor roll for only first quarter… second quarter was pretty shaky. My test scores were also bad. For the ACT I had a 24 composite, a 25 in Mathematics, a 24 in Science and a 21 in Reading/Writing.

I guess the extracurricular activities that I participate in are just all over the place. I mean from Science Club/ Science Olympiad to Varsity Track and working all the time. It was just a wide variety and not to mention Bible Club and volunteer work. 

Sorry I took a while to respond, I had read the notification in my email and had completely forgotten about this message!!